Monday, 30 November 2015

The Hippy Rose - Guest Blog Post

When picturing an entrepreneur, you might imagine a twenty-something from the apprentice, or a wacky professor flogging something on Dragons’ Den. But Rose is a 61 year old bohemian who picked up her crochet hooks and launched her own business The Hippy Rose earlier this year with the help of her daughter, Allie, and Allie’s best friend, Beth.

Rose is the crafter of the team, making all the sewn, knitted and crochet goods to be sold on Etsy, as much as the girls have tried, crocheting is not their strong point, although they have been known to make a few pom-poms when demand is high.

“The year I turned 60, I decided to try 60 new things, some of which were to join Instagram, Pinterest, go to a screen printing class and master crochet. After years of sewing and knitting, making my own clothes from when I was a teenager using the tricks my mother taught me, I wanted to further my skills, so using all my new Pinterest boards and hoards of craft magazines, I finally taught myself how to crochet, making presents for Allie and Beth and the rest of our family.”

“Then when I turned 61, I thought it was about time I should do something I’ve always dreamed of, selling my work. With Allie and Beth’s digital skills and plenty of encouragement, I opened The Hippy Rose. At first, I was very nervous and scared, especially at my age, and had trouble comparing myself to others I found on Instagram. I still do that now, but with the girls’ support, I realised, what have I got to lose? Now we’ve made sales from across the world and we’re taking part in craft fairs! I’m doing something I really enjoy and it’s something I can be proud of. I’ve made new friends, learned countless new things, kept my mind active, filled my spare time, and brought me and the girls closer than ever. My next thing to master the overlocker, an early Christmas present from the hubby. Fingers crossed!”

Left to Right - Beth, Rose, Allie

Allie is in charge of marketing, taking what she learns at uni and using it to her mum’s advantage, with social media accounts and a carefully curated brand identity, whilst Beth helps with social media scheduling and sharing. It’s a bit of a girl-powered family affair.

Elephant Neck Pillow - By The Hippy Rose

“Crafting has always been a thing in our family. My nan taught my mum how to knit and sew when she was younger, and thanks to my mum, I’ve known how to sew since I was practically a toddler. Over the years we’ve made Halloween costumes, handmade presents and even a prom dress – which says a lot about my mum’s sewing abilities, I wouldn’t trust just anyone with making my prom dress! I’ve always told her that she’s talented enough to sell her crafts, but she never believed me. I guess after all those years of nagging I finally twisted her arm! I’ve never been so proud, seeing her do something she truly loves and ship her work all around the world is a gift I’m really grateful for.”

Huge thanks to Rose, Allie and Beth for such a brilliant first guest blog post on our blog!
Head over to The Hippy Rose Etsy Shop here - there's lots of great Christmas gift ideas!
And be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook too.

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Friday, 20 November 2015

November Co-Working Session

Last week we had our very first co-working session for members of the Merseyside Etsy Team. 
Co-working is a perfect way of getting some of those tasks you've been putting off done. And there's no better way of doing them, than being surrounded by other Etsy sellers. 

Eight team members attended this session and lots of work was got through (as well as lots of biscuits!)
Some used the session to list and edit product listings, while others were sewing, packing, making gift tags and more. 

Everyone appreciated the company while powering through some of their repetitive tasks. The room was also filled with talk about all things Etsy, and lots of knowledge was being shared freely. 

We will hopfully be planning another co-working session soon, so keep your eyes peeled on the Etsy Team Page for more details. 

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Sunday, 1 November 2015

10 Liverpool Products

Being a community of Etsy sellers based in Merseyside, we are bound to have lots of products revolving around Liverpool. 
I've had a little browse around and put together 10 Liverpool makes, by 10 Liverpool makers. 

All of the items featured are made by local artists from Merseyside. This is a great way to support small businesses in your local area, at the same time as seeing unique handcrafted products!

1. Alphabet of the Beatles Mug

By Becka Griffin 

There couldn't be a collection of Liverpool items without featuring The Beatles. With Becka Griffin's Alphabet of The Beatles Mug, you'll be sipping your cuppa with a Beatles tune in your head. 

2. Strawberry Fields Print
By CBatesPhotography

This limited edition print by CBatesPhotography is simply stunning. It will have you singing Strawberry Fields Forever, forever. 

3. Superlambanana Family Necklace

By Helen Leigh Dolan

Helen Leigh Dolan's aluminium and silver plated Superlambanana necklace is the perfect gift for any Liverpool lover. 

4. Illustrated Liverpool Map Season Greetings Card

by Fat Cat Illustration 

This beautiful Liverpool illustration would be the ideal card to send to any relatives or friends in different countries this Christmas. 

5. You'll Never Walk Alone Print

By The Red Button Press

The perfect gift for any football fan. You'll never be walking alone with this beautiful print from The Red Button Press. 

6. Liverpool Skyline Embroidery 

By Jayne's Little Journeys

This Liverpool skyline is hand drawn and embroidered and features some of the cities most famous landmarks. The embroidery is available in black and multi coloured. 

7. Liver Bird Illustration Print

By Laura Illustration 

The Liver Building is one of the cities most recognisable buildings. This detailed illustration would be at home in any Liverpool house.

8. Set of 4 Liverpool Magents

By Witty Hearts

Give your fridge or workspace a bit of personality with these adorable Liverpool Magnets. The magnets feature Liverpool related designs, including one of Witty Hearts best selling designs - home is where the heart is!

9. Liverbird Sculpture

by RoseBDesigns 

This would be a statement piece of art in any home. This sculpture of the Liver Building comes with LED lighting to place inside to light up all the little windows of the building. It can also be lit by candles being placed inside

10. "She Loves You" Greetings Card

By Rachels Art Shop
Tell someone you love them with this beautiful greetings card by Rachel's Art Shop. 
The words "She Loves You", from the Beatles famous song is featured over sheet music. 

View all of these items together in our Etsy treasury here, featuring 2 bonus items by two of these artists!

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